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Hi, I'm Barbara Polonsky, LCSW-C.  I'm a Clinical Social Worker...but you might also call me a spiritual-oriented Psychotherapist guiding you through the challenges of life's transitions.  I help people who long to feel empowered to take charge of getting what they want in their lives, but are not clear about how to get there, are fearful of change, or are afraid to step into their own power.

I support women in discovering the strengths they have to change their lives so that they can achieve a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and a life without limitations.

I know from my own journey of self-discovery, as well as working with women over the past 30 years, that a mindset can be changed from one of fear to one of courage and self-confidence. I know that facing some truths about ourselves and our lives can stir up tremendous discomfort and resistance and I'd like to help you get through the emotional blocks that are keeping you stuck in a place of unhappiness.


I believe that living from a place of truth and courage will change your world. That is why I hope you will give yourself the time to love the person that you are by scheduling a consultation with me.


 Your life is waiting for you!

Barbara Polonsky

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